November 11


05:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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Crossing Party Lines: Portland, OR

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CPL members learn and practice a new way to approach politics; we speak from personal experience and listen to understand. Everyone at our meetups attends with the same goal. The consequences for mistakes are less because everyone in the room is working on the same skills and we make allowances for not always knowing what to say or how to respond. But what happens when you go out into the real world, where talking politics seems more like ranting, or sport, or even religion?

In this workshop we’ll help you feel more comfortable bringing the CPL way of talking politics into your real lives.

We’ll look at four types of situations:
• Gatherings of friends who hold similar political views
• Family get-togethers with diverse perspectives
• Workplace conversations
• Chance encounters

While every situation is different, there are techniques and approaches you can bring to all these situations to help you navigate them in a way that leaves you feeling true to yourself and your beliefs. Come prepared to share your own biggest challenges and practice new ways of handling them with fellow CPL members.

Note: We’ll send you a link for downloading the handouts when you register.

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