October 27


08:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Crossing Party Lines: New York

Website: Organizer's Website

You’ve heard us say it: Crossing Party Lines is 100% volunteer run and donation supported. We’ve had people ask, “But you’re just talking, what is there for volunteers to do?”

There’s plenty to do! In fact, whatever your skills and interests, there’s a place for you on the CPL Team. Come to this info session and see what our organization looks like “under the hood” and learn how you can help us bring the CPL experience to more people around the country.

At this meeting we will:
– Introduce you to the organization behind the meetups
– Fill you in on the many opportunities to get involved
– Answer any questions you might have

Volunteers are the life-blood of CPL. Right now there’s more demand for our conversations than we can keep up with. We CAN change the tone of American politics. YOU can play a part.

Pre-read Material:
– The Crossing Party Lines website ( )

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