October 3


05:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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Crossing Party Lines: Portland, OR

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In the past few weeks, the Department of Homeland Security has struggled to keep up with the thousands of Haitian migrants and asylum-seekers at the U.S. / Mexico border. While some seeking asylum are being admitted, many others are being deported to Haiti or to countries that are accepting them (e.g. Brazil and Chile) without giving them the opportunity to work towards admission through the standard asylum-seeking process.

The U.S. government has justified the mass deportation by invoking the public health law known as Title 42, which gives federal health officials powers during a pandemic to take
extraordinary measures to limit transmission of an infectious disease. In this Meetup we will look at Title 42.

• What is it?
• When has it been used in the past?
• Is it being applied in the spirit in which it was intended?

Join the Crossing Party Lines discussion and have a voice in our Nation’s Conversation! People of all views are welcomed, appreciated, and heard.

Looking for more information?
– EXPLAINER: Biden uses Trump-era tool against Haiti migrants (
– Order Suspending Introduction of Persons From a Country Where a Communicable Disease Exists (
– Global COVID map and numbers (

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