January 16


05:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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Crossing Party Lines: Portland, OR

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At Crossing Party Lines, we understand that politics is not a simple matter of Red or Blue – there’s an enormous range of colors on the political spectrum. You can even find different “shades” within a single party.

The Pew Research Center recently released a report titled Beyond Red vs. Blue: The Political Typology that offers a fresh look into American politics, finding that it’s about more than the Democratic and Republican parties. Their survey of over 10,000 people yielded nine distinct political sub-groups:
• Progressive Left
• Establishment Liberals
• Democratic Mainstays
• Outsider Left
• Stressed Sideliners
• Faith and Flag Conservatives
• Committed Conservatives
• Populist Right
• Ambivalent Right

You can read summaries of the groups here:

Does reading this report change the way you talk or think about American politics today? Let’s discuss!

Join the Crossing Party Lines discussion and have a voice in our Nation’s Conversation! People of all views are welcomed, appreciated, and heard.

Want more information?
– Pew Typology Summary (
– Beyond Red vs. Blue: The Political Typology (

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