October 28


08:30 pm - 10:30 pm

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Crossing Party Lines: New York

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The recent wildfires on the West Coast have been but one episode in an ages-long history of natural disasters, entangled in a sometimes complex relationship between humanity and the natural world. While the toll levied by such disasters are broadly viewed with concern and sympathy, the proposed factors leading to these incidents and the appropriate human reaction to them have been the subject of intense debate, often along partisan lines.

In this meeting, we’ll consider:
– What kinds of natural disasters most concern you? How have natural disasters and their consequences affected you or those you know?
– What do you see as potential factors contributing to natural disasters and their negative effects?
– Who bears responsibility to mitigate future disasters or their consequences?
– In thinking about this issue and possible solutions, what elements of our society, whether economic, environmental, or human, do you think should be prioritized and retained? What elements are you willing to sacrifice?

Pre-read Material:
– California needs to rethink urban fire risk, starting with where it builds houses (
– Removing 1 Million Homes from Flood Zones Could Save $1 Trillion (
– The California Brownout Disaster Is Manmade (
– SDG&E Implements Fire-Prevention Program (

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