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08:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Crossing Party Lines: New York

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Please join Crossing Party Lines for one of the first screenings of the film The Campaign of Miner Bo, a documentary made by a New York City Democrat about an evangelical rural Republican.

About the film:

In May of 2016, Bo Copley was invited to join a roundtable discussion with Hillary Clinton, who was campaigning in West Virginia before the state’s presidential primary. Copley showed Clinton a picture of his three children and challenged her assertion that she was a friend to coal miners. Copley’s genuine feeling and respectful tone as he explained to Clinton how forcefully he disagreed with her broke through the usual campaign chatter, and for a short time he was a regular on cable news.

The unemployed coal miner caught the attention of Director Todd Drezner, who responded to Donald Trump’s election with curiosity and a desire to understand what was going on in the country. When Copley decided to run for Senate in 2018, Drezner approached the candidate with the request to join him on the campaign trail and document his journey.

Drezner’s hope is that through this film he can help people on the right and the left look past stereotypes, empathize with each other, and recognize that all of us have stories worth telling.

After the screening we’ll have a Q&A session with Director Todd Drezner and Bo himself! Come hear what they learned making a film across the partisan divide.

Note: This is a FUNDRAISER for CPL and the film. You will be charged $10 when you register. If you cannot afford this fee but want to attend, please contact

Optional meeting prep:

–More about the film:
–The New York Times article that inspired the director:

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