November 18


05:30 pm - 07:00 pm

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Crossing Party Lines: Portland, OR

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This is the term many people use to describe efforts to connect across the political divide. Because Crossing Party Lines creates opportunities for members to talk across political differences, we are bridgers.

Talking is the first step toward working together to address the challenges America faces today. But is anyone actually doing taking bridging that far? How can we get things done? Together, as Americans?

At this movie night we will watch an inspiring TED talk from Nisha Anand, who crosses party lines and builds bridges to effect real change in the world. In this chronicle of her own journey leaving her ideological bunker, and changing her feelings about those who she had originally identified as the “other side” Ms. Anand paves a way for us to go forward.

Join us to watch and discuss this powerful video.

In the Crossing Party Lines discussion and have a voice in our Nation’s Conversation! People of all views are welcomed, appreciated, and heard.

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