September 23


05:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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Crossing Party Lines: Portland, OR

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One of the first things people ask us when they hear about Crossing Party Lines is how we get politically divided people to listen and speak respectfully to each other. Our response is that we’re about listening politics, not arguing politics.

So what do we mean by listening politics?

Listening politics refers to listening in a way that supports dialogue instead of debate. Rather than the typical listening we see in political discussion that is all about waiting to argue or to defend, CPL’s listening promotes curiosity, respect and connection; it enables an open-minded search for discovery, the kind that detectives use.

But it is not easy, because we’re conditioned to pre-judge, and to defend our point of view.

In this meetup we will start by looking at how our intentions in joining a conversation dictate how we listen. We will learn how to cultivate curiosity and how and when to use active listening. Lastly, we’ll use class time to practice skills that enable us to listen and speak across our differences in a way that moves us all forward.

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