January 14


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Crossing Party Lines: Portland, OR

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Why Do We Disagree ABOUT THE FACTS?

Being an informed voter who understands the issues is the responsibility of all citizens. Thanks to the internet and other sources, we have more facts at our fingertips than we could ever hope to take in. Yet, we don’t all have the same facts. This has led to perceptions and feelings on all sides about the people whose facts don’t agree with ours. It is common to feel that the “others” are uninformed, misinformed, ignorant and/or brainwashed.

Why do we think that our facts are the only ones, or the right ones, or provide a complete picture of the issues we care about? In this conversation we will look at a variety of reasons for why we espouse different facts. Our focus will be on scientifically documented biases including, but not limited to:

* Confirmation bias
* Cognitive dissonance
* Dunning-Kruger effect
* In-group favoritism
* Implicit bias
* Affinity bias

– Cognitive Dissonance Confirmation Bias (
– Why we believe alternative facts (
– Why people are wired to believe what they want to believe (
– 4 factors that influence people’s attitudes toward facts — (
– The Differences Between Data, Information and Knowledge

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