June 3


05:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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Crossing Party Lines: Portland, OR

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President Biden says, “Get vaccinated, or wear a mask until you do.”

Now that the CDC and the current administration have relaxed their recommendations for mask-wearing, people are faced with thinking for themselves again. While a lot of people are excited to be going out and about mask-free, not everyone is a fan. Complaints about the new rules run the gamut from “How do we know who is vaccinated?” to “What about kids or people with medical reasons for not getting the vaccine? How can we keep them safe?”

The numbers are going down, but variants are still out there. Supporters of these changes focus on the number of people who have been vaccinated and rarely talk about those people who would like to get vaccinated but for some reason have not been able to. Detractors ask why we should trust this recommendation from the CDC when they’ve been wrong in the past. Do the new rules put more people at risk? Join us as we ask this question and others, including:

• Will this new policy result in more people choosing to get vaccinated?
• Who is at risk when someone chooses not to get vaccinated?
• If the only people still at risk are those who choose not to get vaccinated, should the government or anyone else interfere with their choices?
• Is this ruling reasonable, given that not everyone who wants to get vaccinated has been vaccinated?

Pre-read Material:
– CDC Director Defends Decision To Ditch Masks (

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