April 11


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Discrimination and violence towards Asian Americans has its roots in American history, formalized by the Chinese Exclusion act of 1882 which was not repealed until 1943. Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen a revival of anti-Asian sentiments, with several major cities seeing a sharp uptick in Asian-targeted hate crimes between 2019 and 2020. Over the past few weeks violent acts have worsened with a national tragedy unfolding in Georgia where authorities charged a man with the fatal shootings of eight people, including six Asian women, at Atlanta-area spas, and the killing of an 84-year-old in San Francisco. Join us at Crossing Party Lines to have an open conversation around this issue from multiple dimensions. Questions include:

– What happened to spark these acts?
– Are some groups targeted more than others? Why?
– What can we do to reduce all acts of discrimination?

Background reading:

• 1850’s – Asian American Immigration and Exclusion
• 1882 – Chinese Exclusion Act
• Violence and hate against Asian Americans is a health and safety crisis for everyone
• When ‘white supremacists’ aren’t even white
• Asian-Americans Under Attack?

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