January 21


05:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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Crossing Party Lines: Portland, OR

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The social institutions that are meant to serve us – among them, media, academia, religious institutions, business, the various agencies of government – are considered by many as vital to a healthy America, but public trust in these entities has declined in recent times.

In this discussion, participants will explore their own confidence (or lack thereof) in institutions, and the implications for America going forward. We’ll consider questions such as:

– Which institutions do you trust or mistrust, and why?
– Have the institutions in fact failed the public trust, or is trust being falsely undermined by bad actors, either within or outside of those institutions?
– How important is public trust in institutions?
– When institutions commit clear and serious failures, what’s the appropriate response?
– When should we scrap an institution versus try to fix it?

Pre-read Material:
– (1:59) Do Americans Trust Their Government? (
– Key findings about Americans’ declining trust in government and each other (
– (3:57) Do we trust government? (
– (1:48) Jeffrey Guhin on Why Americans Distrust Science (
– Americans have lost faith in institutions. That’s not because of Trump or ‘fake news.’ (

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