Can We Truly See Each Other? A Post Election Reflection

Approximately 161 million Americans voted in this past election out of the 239.2 million Americans that were eligible to vote. That makes our voter turnout rate to 66.8% turnout rate, the highest in about a hundred years. The election results demonstrated that almost 50% of Americans are divided into in their political camps. Now that […]

Turkey and Politics

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? All the feasting, family and political talk? Join us to learn how to bring the Crossing Party Lines experience to your dinner table. We will: — Explore ways you can keep your conversations civil and respectful.— Provide a Turkey and Politics Cheat Sheet— Discuss random topics (whatever members choose) with […]

Patriotism: What does it mean to you?

Patriotism: what does it mean to you? Merriam Webster defines patriotism as “love for or devotion to one’s country.” At the meeting this week we’ll explore what patriotism means to each of us personally. We will reflect on the meanings of patriotism, based on our lived experience as Americans. We might find that we have […]

Movie Night: The Radical Act of Choosing Common Ground

Bridging. This is the term many people use to describe efforts to connect across the political divide. Because Crossing Party Lines creates opportunities for members to talk across political differences, we are bridgers. Talking is the first step toward working together to address the challenges America faces today. But is anyone actually doing taking bridging […]

Presentation: Bridging for Beginners

Associate and Crossing Party Lines member Marla Estes is offering this intro session on bridging. We at Crossing Party Lines are announcing it here to give all CPL members the chance to attend. “When politicians start TALKIN’ about their fellow Americanslike they’re enemies it’s time for a quiet stir of alertness.Polarizing people is a good […]

Taken Down: Content Bans Across the Internet

This month, Amazon refused to add the new documentary “What Killed Michael Brown?” to its content, stating the documentary did not meet “content quality expectations.” Amazon is not the only streaming service to take down (or in this case refuse to put up) content and “What Killed Michael Brown?” is not the first high-profile example […]

WORKSHOP — CPL 201: Crossing Party Lines in Real Life

CPL members learn and practice a new way to approach politics; we speak from personal experience and listen to understand. Everyone at our meetups attends with the same goal. The consequences for mistakes are less because everyone in the room is working on the same skills and we make allowances for not always knowing what […]

Words That Divide Us: Are We Even Talking About the Same Things?

How many times have we had an in-depth conversation with someone, only to discover that during that conversation, despite using the same words, we were talking about different things? Frequently these days, it seems that liberals and conservatives use different words for the same thing, or the same words for different things. In fact, do […]

Natural Disasters: Humanity and Nature’s Wrath

The recent wildfires on the West Coast have been but one episode in an ages-long history of natural disasters, entangled in a sometimes complex relationship between humanity and the natural world. While the toll levied by such disasters are broadly viewed with concern and sympathy, the proposed factors leading to these incidents and the appropriate […]

Volunteer Info Session: We’ve got a job for you!

You’ve heard us say it: Crossing Party Lines is 100% volunteer run and donation supported. We’ve had people ask, “But you’re just talking, what is there for volunteers to do?” There’s plenty to do! In fact, whatever your skills and interests, there’s a place for you on the CPL Team. Come to this info session […]