We have a different way of talking politics.

"You feel like people are actually listening. Meaning they’re stopping, they’re being silent, and they’re digesting what you’re saying. They’re not just having an immediate response..."
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We Host Conversations

We are an open door offering a forum available to the general public and free to all.


We’ve discovered that behind our success lies a set of new skills and a deeper understanding of why/when conversations go wrong. Our monthly workshops are free, and open to all.

“Conversations are the way we connect, engage, navigate, and transform the world with others.”

~JUDITH GLASER author of Conversational Intelligence

CPL hosts weekly moderated conversations that give each person a chance to share their unique perspectives. The goal is to help us understand how and why we disagree. We don’t try to change minds, win debates, prove a point, or reach consensus. We listen to understand:

warmly attending to the other person as they speak, consciously setting aside the tendency to defend.

Being in “discovery mode” opens our minds and encourages curiosity, helping us appreciate the different ways we each see the world. It fosters connection among people who don’t ordinarily meet, much less agree. We engage with tolerance to increase individual and group exposure to different views — leveraging our differences as strengths — in your city, in your neighborhood, and in virtual spaces.

We are an open door offering a forum available to the general public and free to all.

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CPL New York Member
"I prefer to have civil conversations and learn something new out of it. Like we do at CPL."


In the coming months we’ll be taking these member-favorites out of mothball and return to offering them monthly.

Book Club

Every month, our members explore the books people are reading to cross party lines.

Movie Nights

Our movie nights offer a fun and stimulating opportunity to learn and grow together. day.

Social Events

At Crossing Party Lines, we break bread together, laugh together, and play together.

Film Club

Every month, we explore the world through diverse lenses provided by film.

A Better America. A Better You.

The techniques we use in Crossing Party Lines have the potential to bridge divisions in our lives and politics.
No chapter near you? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do.