Be the change in your community.

Fact: Without volunteers, there would be no Crossing Party Lines.

Our volunteers do it all! Really!

  • Develop new topics.
  • Build the infrastructure to grow.
  • Tell our story through social media and our website.
  • Manage projects and personnel.
  • Find funds to keep us operating.
  • Moderate our meetings.

We’ve got a place for you in our community!

We’d like to contribute to your career, too!

  • Give you a chance to practice new skills.
  • Provide the guidance and support you need to grow.
  • Offer valuable work experience.
  • Work with faculty to get you credit for your hours.
  • Serve as work experience on your resume and portfolio.
  • Write recommendations for schools or job applications.
  • Accommodate your crazy busy schedule.

We’ll support your success!

"It's great to work with other people who care as much as I do about fixing how Americans talk about politics."
CPL Volunteer
"I wanted to help but didn't want to moderate or run a meeting. I love that there are so many behind-the-scenes ways I can make a difference at Crossing Party Lines."
CPL Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities

Be the change in your community. Join one of our teams.

How Would you like to help?

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