About CPL Training

About CPL Training

Our mission is to create open dialogue between Americans with dissimilar ideologies. At our meetups, whether virtual or in-person, our trained moderators offer participants a new way to talk politics by modeling our approach and maintaining a civil and respectful environment. All views are welcome, all perspectives appreciated, and all voices heard.

But what if you want to bring the CPL way of talking politics into the rest of your life?  What if you are as interested in the skills as you are in the issues?  That’s where our trainings come in.

Crossing Party Lines provides a variety of classes teaching the skills we use to talk across differences.

We offer our classes in three formats:

  • Public — First come, first served workshops advertised through Meetup and this site. These workshops are always free, though we appreciate donations that help us keep it that way. Find announcements of our public workshops  on this page or your local chapter’s Meetup page.
  • Small Group — Private classes offering more student-teacher interaction.  You can sign up as either a group or individual. We charge a small fee based on class size. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to request a seat in one of the next small group classes.
  • Custom — Small classes customized to meet the needs of your church, school, or business.  Because the skills we teach work across all types of differences, customization can include shifting from politically-focused to other types of differences.  Prices vary according to customization, class size, and location. Email training@CrossingPartyLines.com to set up a call to discuss your needs.

We’ve just wrapped up the May-June workshop series. The next series begins in a few weeks. Reserve your spot using the form at the bottom of this page.

Course Catalogue

  • CPL 100: Your Brain on Politics
    In this course you’ll learn the root cause of the political divide: Your Limbic System.  You’ll get a chance to do a Limbic Audit, design an action plan for working with your Limbic System to…
  • CPL 101: Listening Politics
    One of the first things people ask us when they hear about Crossing Party Lines is how we get politically divided people to listen and speak respectfully to each other. Our response is that we’re about listening politics, not arguing politics.

  • CPL 102: Talking Politics
    This workshop introduces you to a new way of Talking Politics, a way that invites others to listen rather than dares them to defend against your ideas or shut you down.

  • CPL 200: Moral Foundations in Political Conversation
    In this workshop we apply the Moral Foundations framework to talking politics. We begin by discussing each of the six foundations and getting a taste of how they can manifest differently in different people.
  • CPL 201: Crossing Party LInes in Real Life
    In this workshop we’ll help you feel more comfortable bringing the CPL way of talking politics into your real lives.

  • CPL 202: Bringing Science and Fact into Political Conversation
    Science and fact are at the root of almost everyone’s political views.  Yet we don’t all have the same facts or trust the same science and scientists.

  • Moderator’s Training
    Learn to moderate conversations that cross differences through our 16-lesson online training.  This class is a mixture of self-paced lessons, virtual class discussions, one-on-one meetings with the instructor, and virtual practice sessions.
  • CPL in Real Life Intensive
    Students in this 3-week training bring personal “real life” scenarios crossing party lines into class to tease out best approaches and practice them in small groups.  Completion of CPL 201 is recommended but not required.  This is a small group class.  We offer scholarships for students unable to cover our fee.

Interested in our training? Let us know how we can help you.

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