We talk about the Issues that effect our lives.

  • focus identifying an aspect of the issue we believe can be explored in two hours.
  • Prompts designed to get as many views on the table as possible.
  • Recommended readings so everyone can come to the meeting with at least some shared facts.


Some topics come up over and over again. Here are the conversations we tend to care about the most:

  • Polling Places: Threats to One Man, One Vote
  • Ranked Choice and Other New Voting Methods: Should Winner Take All?
  • Counting Votes: How do We Ensure the Integrity of our Elections?
  • Casting Our Votes: Voting by Mail and Other Means
  • Gun Rights vs Gun Control
  • Protecting Freedom of Speech: Is it worth it?
  • Abortion: When Rights Conflict
  • Rights and Responsibility
  • What are American Values?
  • Patriotism: What does it mean to you?
  • Is America a Christian Nation?
  • City and Countryside: How lifestyle affects politics
  • Immigration: Immigrants in Our Community
  • Protecting Both Our Economy and Our Environment
  • Book Bans:
  • School Curriculum: Who Decides What Our Children Are Taught?
  • Public Education: What Should the Public Pay For?
  • Gender Roles: How do We Protect our Children?
  • What’s the right balance of power between Federal and State
  • Demoracy: Do Americans Have Enough Time For It?
  • The Supreme Court: Politics and Objectivity
  • The Rise of Democratic Socialism: What Does it Mean for America
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