Crossing Party Lines is led by a group of individuals who are passionate about exploring our unique and shared values as a national community.


“Being an American isn’t about race, religion, or political views. To me it’s about joining with other Americans to share in the democratic process outlined in our Constitution. Working together begins with the skills and capacity to talk to one another, explore issues from all angles, and honor and respect every American’s needs as we design solutions.”


“We have lost the emphasis on humanity in
our national discourse. Through Crossing Party Lines, we get back to the basics of truly learning to listen and understand the humanity behind all of our perspectives. We provide a window into the truth behind our politics, our people, our relationships, and our country. Once we start truly understanding one another, the potential for what we can accomplish collectively is limitless.”

Jessica Brazier – BOARD MEMBER

“I fundamentally believe that if we give ourselves enough time to listen to each other and just for a moment open our hearts and understand where the other is coming from, America would be a much more peaceful and joyful place to live.”

Mark D. San Marino — BOARD MEMBER

“What resonates most for me is the pursuit of truth. Party politics is a team sport, which is effective for winning elections, but a lousy way to grow as a human being.”

Ashley Smoluk — BOARD MEMBER

“At the end of the day most people want the same thing. We want to be happy. We want a fair shot at pursuing our dreams. We want an equitable system that works for us rather than against us. I think Crossing Party Lines does a fantastic job of providing a safe space where people can realize these common tenets.”