We have a different way of talking politics.

You feel like people are actually listening. Meaning they’re stopping, they’re being silent, and they’re digesting what you’re saying. They’re not just having an immediate response...
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I prefer to have civil conversations and learn something new out of it.
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We Get People Talking...

The goal is to help us understand how and why we disagree. We don’t try to change minds, win debates, prove a point, or reach consensus. We listen to understand:

warmly attending to the other person as they speak, consciously setting aside the tendency to defend.

Being in “discovery mode” opens our minds and encourages curiosity, helping us appreciate the different ways we each see the world. It fosters connection among people who don’t ordinarily meet, much less agree. We engage with tolerance to increase individual and group exposure to different views — leveraging our differences as strengths — in your city, in your neighborhood, and in virtual spaces.

About the Issues of the Day...

We use national polls to choose the upcoming topics.  Members then sign up for those topics that interest them most.

Each topic package contains:

  • focus identifying an aspect of the issue we believe can be explored in two hours.
  • Prompts designed to get as many views on the table as possible.
  • Recommended readings so everyone can come to the meeting with at least some shared facts.

In civil, respectful conversations...

Our community has developed community norms that rubs off on first-timers. 

Civil, respectful conversation, especially about politics, is becoming a lost art.

  • We publish our basic, common-sense rules for listening and talking.
  • Our trained moderators model and reinforce these rules.
  • We offer free skills workshops for anyone who wants to really master the skills.

Under the guidance of trained moderators.

We teach a special type of facilitation.  Moderators learn to put their own political views aside when in the meeting and focus on making sure each participant gets the opportunity to share his or her own views.  (But only if they want to!)

They learn CPL conversations are not about finding consensus, winning arguments, getting to a single right answer.  They learn to help us understand why each person’s views make sense to them.

Moderators let conversations unfold organically.  They keep the conversation rolling, make sure it’s civil, and give everyone an opportunity to talk.



Every week we host moderated conversations where members discuss issues of the day.

Movie Nights

Our movie nights offer a fun and stimulating opportunity to learn and grow together.

Social Events

At Crossing Party Lines, we break bread together, laugh together, and play together.

And a Podcast for those who can't attend