What’s a Meetup?

Meetup.com is an online platform that connects people with common interests.  Organizers schedule events, called “meetups.” Meetup.com gets the word out so people like your and I can attend.

Crossing Party Lines uses Meetup.com to connect people who ordinarily wouldn’t meet: people with a range of political views, a variety of life experiences, and a shared desire to bridge the political divide.

Because we have been posting on Meetup.com since we first started Crossing Party Lines, we use the term “meetup” to refer to any even we host that is open to the public.  You don’t to be a member of Meetup.com to attend, and we also post upcoming events on this website.

Want to learn more about our Meetup.com chapters?

Visit our Where to Find us page or check out our Portland page by clicking here.


  • Hosted by moderators in comfortable settings in our chapter cities.
  • Limit 20 persons, so that everyone is heard.
  • Sign up to reserve your spot.

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  • Hosted by moderators.
  • Join us online by computer, phone, or other compatible device.
  • Unlimited attendees. We provide a moderator for every 10 participants.
  • Register in advance to receive your  link.

past event topics

Curious about what we’ve talked about? Check out these topics.

About Our Topics

Crossing Party Lines members have discussed more than 100 topics over the past 3 1/2 years.  Many of the topics were selected by the members through our national poll.

Before we discuss an issue, the Topic Development Team researches and explores it with the goal of designing a topic package for members and moderators.  The topic package includes:

  • A description of the focus we believe will give our members the greatest insight into the range of perspectives,
  • A collection of links designed to make sure all participants enter the conversation with a basic understanding of the topic,
  • A set of questions to explore.
  • Guidelines to help moderators anticipate the directions the conversation is likely to go.

We store all topic packages in our Topic Database, along with a post-meeting assessment.  The Topic Database is just one of the resources we make  available to moderators in all our chapters.

A Few of Our Past Topics

Civic Engagement:
Who? What? Why? Where?

Foundational Beliefs:
How Do The Political Parties Vary?

Identity Politics:
Who wins? Who loses?

The Balance between Federal & State Authority

Political Alignment:
Ideology and Your Vote

What Could We Have Done Better?

Private Prisons:
Profit and Punishment

Shared Values:
Where Left and Right Align

Healthy Democracy:
Do Americans Have Enough Time For It?

City and Countryside:
How Lifestyle Affects Politics

How does America respond?

Replaced by Robots:
How to Prepare for Job Loss?

Nature or Nurture?