Thoughts and Inspiration for Connecting Across Differences

We are Crossing Party Lines

What we do is get regular people together to talk about real issues with curious minds and open hearts.

How we do it is by teaching and modeling the skills that allow us to…

Bridging Differences for Your Mental Health

We have discovered that our work bringing Americans together for civil respectful conversations across differences provides many benefits in addition to reducing affective polarization. We have observed that the experiences we offer reduce fear and anxiety; That people leave our events feeling more hopeful and empowered and less isolated.

Understanding Our Mission and Vision

We invite you, our members, friends, followers, volunteers, and supporters, to weigh in with your thoughts on the CPL mission and vision statements. Crossing Party Lines grew out of community and will continue to evolve through community – Through your involvement and vision.

2024 – The Year Ahead

2024 promises to be one of American Politics’ most contentious years ever. We at Crossing Party Lines are doing everything we can to expand our reach so we can help more Americans learn to talk across differences, become informed voters by exploring issues from all angles, and build communities where all voices are heard and appreciated.

And…We will need your help.

Ask and you shall find!

I started the Crossing Party Lines – Long Island chapter in Feb 2023. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

The Story Behind Why I Cross Party Lines

Warning: This is a long post. It’s an excerpt from my memoir “No One Was Listening.” I’m sharing it here as an example of what I consider to be the real power of CPL – the power to save precious relationships with family and friends.

CPL Moderator Training Syllabus

CPL Moderator Training is a science-based training that teaches you to design, moderate, and participate in respectful and productive discussions on controversial topics. Past graduates 

Why Choose Hope

“Delhi Burning” screamed the headlines of a major newspaper. It was November 2nd 1984, and riots plagued Delhi, after the then Indian Prime Minister Mrs.

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