National Week of Conversation 2021 (June 14-20) — Courage over Contempt — the fourth annual, will showcase opportunities for Americans to have conversations despite differences in bold and energizing ways. Powered by the 300+ organizations in the #ListenFirst Coalition, National Week of Conversation invites Americans of all stripes to listen, extend grace, and discover common interests. Take a courageous step on this hopeful mission to defeat toxic polarization and heal America by transforming division and contempt into connection and understanding. #ListenFirst

Crossing Party Lines is a proud Co-Creator of America Talks (June 12-13) — A Weekend of Connection in the Midst of Deep Division — will bring thousands of Americans together across differences to engage in one-on-one, face-to-face (video) conversation to help mend our social fabric. Together, we can move from division and contempt to connection and understanding. #ListenFirst

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Crossing Party Lines will be hosing three events during NWOC.  Our colleagues in the #ListenFirst Coalition will be hosting many as well.

We encourage all CPL members to join our conversations and support those organized by colleagues participating in NWOC!