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Crossing Party Lines is proud to invite you to America Talks (June 12-13) — A Weekend of Connection in the Midst of Deep Division.  This event will bring thousands of Americans together across differences to engage in one-on-one, face-to-face (video) conversation to help mend our social fabric. Together, we can move from division and contempt to connection and understanding. #ListenFirst

 To jump start your participation in this event, we are offering a free guide to listening politics, an excerpt from Co-Founder Lisa Swallow’s new book: Yes, You CAN Talk Politics.  Click the button below to get your free copy.

America Talks, is a  two-day event that matches Americans with differing views to have one-on-one, face-to-face video conversations. The event is open to all Americans 18 and older. It will serve as the headline event kicking off National Week of Conversation.

National Week of Conversation 2021 (June 14-20) — Courage over Contempt — the fourth annual, will showcase opportunities for Americans to have conversations despite differences in bold and energizing ways. Powered by the 300+ organizations in the #ListenFirst Coalition, National Week of Conversation invites Americans of all stripes to listen, extend grace, and discover common interests. Take a courageous step on this hopeful mission to defeat toxic polarization and heal America by transforming division and contempt into connection and understanding. #ListenFirst

Crossing Party Lines will be hosing three events during NWOC.  Our colleagues in the #ListenFirst Coalition will be hosting many as well. We encourage all CPL members to join our conversations and support those organized by colleagues participating in NWOC!

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