What’s a Meetup?

In-Person Meetups

Meetups are hosted by moderators and are a friendly comfortable environment for political discussions. The topics are selected by CPL members through online polls.

Virtual Meetups

We also host virtual meetups that gather via video conference every few months, for those who are not located near one of our meetup cities.

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Want to know what we talk about?
Check out some of our past events.

You Just Don’t Get It: Misunderstandings About Liberals and Conservatives

Regardless of how you identify politically, chances are you make assumptions about what it means to be “conservative” or “liberal.” What if some of our assumptions are based on fiction rather than fact? What if some of our beliefs originate from media coverage rather than first hand experiences with real people? In a world where liberals and conservatives rarely mix, and talking politics (or religion) is taboo, how are we to separate fact from fiction, the understanding from the misunderstanding?

Taxpayer Dollars: What Services Should We Fund?

As it turns out, the best things in life aren’t free. The question is, who should pay for them? Some Americans might say that what the government pays for reflects societal values. Others argue that what we support through charities and the free-market better reflects what our society prioritizes and values.

Homelessness: Compassion & Responsibility

Homelessness isn’t just an urban problem, and it isn’t going away by itself. What are the root causes and how do we address them? In this session we examined this topic with the goal of understanding whose problem it is and what motivates us to care about and to improve the situation.

Impeachment: Should Trump Be Impeached For Obstruction Of Justice?

From nearly the moment that the 2016 election was decided, there have been calls to impeach the 45th president. However, until the Mueller Report was released, Congress appeared to be reluctant to actually move forward with this complicated, fraught process.

The Electoral College: Keep It? Change It? Dump It?

When Al Gore, who won the popular vote in 2000, failed to earn the number of Electoral College votes he needed to win the election, many voters were shocked. After all, it was the first time the Electoral College had determined the outcome of an election since 1888.

More Past Topics

All topics of discussion were chosen by members, based on national polls sent out to the communities bi-monthly.

Here are a just a few things our members have wanted to talk about:

Civic Engagement:
Who? What? Why? Where?

Fake News
(Virtual Meetup)

Foundational Beliefs:
How Do The Political Parties Vary?

Identity Politics:
Who wins? Who loses?

The Balance between Federal & State Authority

Private Prisons:
Profit and Punishment

Shared Values:
Where Left and Right Align

Healthy Democracy:
Do Americans Have Enough Time For It?

City and Countryside:
How Lifestyle Affects Politics

How does America respond?

Political Alignment:
Ideology and Your Vote

What Could We Have Done Better?

Replaced by Robots:
How to Prepare for Job Loss?

Nature or Nurture?