Thanks for requesting your free guide to listening politics.

Your guide is an excerpt from the book Yes, You Can Talk Politics.

Written by Crossing Party Lines Co-Founder, Lisa Swallow, this workbook teaches communications skills for a healthy democracy.  It covers such topics as:

  • Your Brain on Politics
  • How to talk so others will listen
  • How to listen so others will share
  • Moral Foundations in Political Conversations
  • A “risk-free” approach to talking politics in the real world
  • A deeper look at why we disagree and why disagreeing is okay
This workbook is, absolutely, the roadmap for respectful, informative discussion between people of opposing political views. No longer fear Thanksgiving or any other gathering. Author Lisa K. Swallow, Founder and Executive Director of Crossing Party Lines (whose organization has been helping thousands of members for 4 years speak up on matters important to them as well improve their listening skills), has organized her time-tested tips and tools into six easy-to-read sections, chock-full of clear explanations, easy-to-grasp examples, and thoughtful activities. Whether you are someone who tries to win or run away from a political argument, Yes You Can Talk Politics is the perfect recipe for substantive, respectful political discourse with just about anyone.
Johanna K. McCormick