Moderated Conversations

Every week we host moderated conversations where members can discuss issues of the day.

Movie Nights

Game Nights


Crossing Party Lines provides a variety of classes teaching the skills we use to talk across differences.  Most are 2-hour workshops.

We offer our classes in three formats:

  • Public — First come, first served workshops advertised through Meetup and this site. These workshops are always free, though we appreciate donations that help us keep it that way. Watch this page for scheduled events.
  • Small Group — Small classes offering more student-teacher interaction.  You can sign up as either a small group or individual. We charge a small fee based on class size. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to request a seat in one of the next small group classes.
  • Custom — Small classes customized to meet the needs of your church, school, or business.  Because the skills we teach work across all types of differences, customization can include shifting from politically-focused to other types of differences.  Prices vary according to customization, class size, and location. Email to set up a call to discuss your needs.

Moderator Training

Free training for anyone who want so moderate

Explain reasons

Consistent experience for members

Full support for moderators, preparing them for running meetings.


After years of fielding member requests… we have developed a podcast series to allow members and the general public a chance to hear people talking about the issues not from a tactical or political position but from persona experiences of individual americans.

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