Donate to Address the Many Faces of Polarization

Help us help America overcome fear, powerlessness, anxiety, and despair.

Together, we have the power to unite America by addressing the root causes of toxic polarization. Your support makes it possible for us to bring people together across differences, helping them navigate the complex relationships between friends, media, politicians, and government.

Give now to ensure that civil, respectful conversations continue across America.

Crossing Party Lines is a  grassroots effort. Your investments allow us to host community events, bringing together people with different perspectives. We deeply appreciate your support as we cross America’s political divides, one conversation at a time.

Your donation will help fund  important projects such as:

  • Developing a CPL program for high schools.
  • Converting our workshops into self-paced online trainings that anyone can take, anytime.
  • Creating workshops to help parents and teachers navigate conflict in and around campuses
  • Leveraging public libraries to ensure that all Americans have a place where they can participate in CPL-style conversations.
  • Prototyping a mobile conversations app members can use anywhere, anytime to talk politics with fellow members.
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