We Are a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Crossing Party Lines, Inc. (CPL) is a 501(c)(3) organization.

CPL is registered in New York, NY. Our head office is in Portland, OR. We currently host meetups in New York, NY; Portland, OR; Southern Oregon, Chicago, IL; Atlanta, GA; Raleigh, NC; Columbus, OH; and Mesa, AZ

We have no political affiliation.

Our members, volunteers, and board come from all across the country and represent a wide range for political views, from far left to right and in between.

Our only agenda is to give Americans a chance to talk across political differences.

We are 100% donation supported.

Every penny of your donation dollar goes directly to making our meetups happen.

Our services are free for all who need it, made possible by you.

Please donate to Crossing Party Lines today.

We are 100% volunteer run.

Everything you see on this website, everything we do, we do out of love for our country and our fellow Americans.

We offer our services to all who come, free of charge.

We never charge for our public events which included moderated conversations, workshops, and movie nights.

On request, we  offer small group classes and custom training.  We do charge for these private services and the fees we collect help cover our overhead.

We invite you to attend.

We welcome all views,
Appreciate all perspectives,
And give all voices the chance to be heard.