Dear Crossing Party Lines Community,

Crossing Party Lines as an organization has an unwavering commitment to stand against all forms of human indignity.

After the nation witnessed the heart wrenching murder of George Floyd, there was a moment in time when we as a nation were united in our horror. As we watched, we were not concerned about our politics, but about our human condition.

Join the conversations that bring Americans together.

And now our own podcast so you can listen in when you can’t attend.

“I didn’t believe it was possible. But I was wrong. I attended one of the Crossing Party Lines meetings in Portland and they were polite and respectful and interested in hearing what I had to say!”

Dennis, Tennessee

Daring to Discuss

Every week, we discuss important and controversial topics.

Participation is open to all, with or without membership.

You decide which topics interest you, then sign up on Meetup to attend.

Who attends? Americans from all walks of life representing the entire political spectrum:

  • Some align fully within their designated party, while others identify based on values and topics.
  • Within party affiliation, many participants self-identify along the spectrum of conservative, moderate, liberal, or progressive.
  • Yet others self-identify along the spectrum dependent on the topic, for example, fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

“Learning the Crossing Party Lines approach to talking to people with different political views has influenced more than just how I talk politics. It’s really making a difference in my family, my workplace, and my entire life.”

Stephanie, Washington


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