Don’t let politics get in the way of personal connections.
We need to talk if we ever hope to understand one another.
Crossing Party Lines is here to unite us and help America live and work together again.
"A house divided against itself cannot stand. "
- Abraham Lincoln

Have a conversation that brings America together. 

Crossing Party Lines makes it easy for you to talk and connect with Americans who see the world differently.  Our goal is to build communities where social connections and differing viewpoints flourish and are recognized as essential for healthy relationships.

Every week, we discuss important and controversial topics. Participation is open to all, with or without membership. You decide which topics interest you, then sign up to attend.

February Events


WORKSHOP Feb 17th: Media Bias & How to Spot It

BOOK CLUB Feb 24th: New China Playbook

Who Attends?

Americans from all walks of life representing the full political spectrum.

  • Some align fully within their designated party, while others identify based on values and topics.
  • Within party affiliation, many participants self-identify along the spectrum of conservative, moderate, liberal, or progressive.
  • Yet others self-identify along the spectrum dependent on the topic, for example, fiscally conservative and socially liberal.
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Why cross party lines?

Here’s what our members tell us:

  • “Coming to CPL meetings gives me a broader, more nuanced understanding of the issues.”
  • “I love having a chance to learn and practice skills that help me talk with my friends and family members, even the ones that don’t vote like me.”
  • “When I come, I am reminded that most Americans aren’t as crazy as the media makes them out to be.”
  • “I like being part of a community that doesn’t judge based on party views.”
  • “I  feel more hopeful.”
  • “I think it helps me be a better person.”


See for yourself what CPL members have talked about in the past.

Check out our podcast, “The Conversation,” to hear real Americans talking about the issues of the day. 

View video testimonials from Crossing Party Lines members across the nation.

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    A Sampling of Past Topics

    About Our Topics

    Crossing Party Lines members have discussed more than 300 topics over the past 5 1/2 years.  Many of the topics were selected by the members through our national poll.

    Before we discuss an issue, the Topic Development Team researches and explores it with the goal of designing a topic package for members and moderators.  The topic package includes:

    • A description of the focus we believe will give our members the greatest insight into the range of perspectives,
    • A collection of links designed to make sure all participants enter the conversation with a basic understanding of the topic,
    • A set of questions to explore.
    • Guidelines to help moderators anticipate the directions the conversation is likely to go.

    We store all topic packages in our Topic Database, along with a post-meeting assessment.  The Topic Database is just one of the resources we make  available to moderators in all our chapters.