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TWO PEOPLE with opposing viewpoints meet for ONE HOUR for a CURIOUS CONVERSATION.
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Real People, Real Issues

Creating brave spaces of listening, engagement and dialogue 
It is said that curiosity is the antidote to ignorance. It is also the antidote to stagnation, fear and despair. Curiosity fuels learning, creativity, and progress, opening doors to new possibilities and understanding.
When we stop being curious, we limit our potential for growth and discovery, closing ourselves off from the richness of the world around us and hindering our ability to adapt to new challenges and opportunities.
Curiosity fosters goodwill and goodwill is the foundation of a functioning society. 
At Crossing Party Lines, one of our core principles is to promote curiosity. Through moderated conversations, events and workshops, we create “brave spaces” where speakers and listeners work TOGETHER, giving curiosity a chance while learning to listen past their triggers to understand the human concerns beneath the words. 
Curious Conversations is designed to take this process deeper.
TWO PEOPLE with opposing viewpoints from across the aisle meet for ONE HOUR for an in-depth conversation on a topic moderated by a trained CPL moderator. Participants will be paired according to their choice of topic; what they are passionate about. In a day & age, when there is a serious shortage of spaces where people with diverse perspectives engage in respectful dialogue, Curious Conversations can help make a difference by offering one such space and serving as an example. 
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If you have ever participated in a CPL conversation, you already know most of what is involved.  
Join us! All you have to do is bring your listening and curiosity.
P.S. During the design stage, Curious Conversations was called Candid Conversations, until a team member pointed out that the problem isn’t that people are not candid, indeed the opposite; we are often too busy being candid about our own perspective but have too little curiosity for the others perspective.
It is curiosity we need more of today. And thus “Curious Conversations”!

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